Custom Systems

We provide custom-built computer systems to fit your needs!

From the smallest embedded computers to the largest gaming machines, we can build exactly what you're looking for!

Why buy a custom system from us?

• We listen to your specific needs and requirements, and carefully build a system to fit those needs. Our staff has years of PC building expertise, and know how to avoid hardware conflicts and cooling issues.
• We only use name brand components to build our systems. This ensures the best build quality and longevity, so your new system stays running stronger for longer!
• Unlike pre-built computers from the big box stores, our systems never come with any trial software or unnecessary 'bloatware' that causes slowdown and other problems. Our systems come with a clean install of Windows with the latest updates, ready for you to customize it to your liking.
• We only use genuine Microsoft operating systems and software. This ensures you or your business never encounters licensing, activation, or security problems.
• Unlike the big box stores, all warranty repairs are done in our shop without ever shipping it anywhere. This ensures the fastest and most secure repairs of your equipment, so you are back up and running with minimal downtime and no loss of data.

Gaming and Workstation Computers

We can build your perfect dream computer, using the highest quality components from the best brands, to ensure years of problem-free computing.
We can build custom gaming rigs with Intel or AMD processors, the newest NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards, as well as provide liquid cooling and LED lighting solutions.
If you know exactly what you want built, bring us the specs and we'll price up the perfect system. If you don't know exactly what you need, let one of our helpful staff price one up for you.

Office Computers

If your office is looking for new computers, whether it's one or one hundred, we've got you covered! We can custom build systems to meet your exact criteria, while meeting your budget and time requirements.
We also provide full warranty and support options to meet the needs of your growing business.

Embedded Solutions

We can provide a large variety of embedded solutions, from the small and inexpensive Raspberry Pi, to Intel-based SBC's and even fully custom solutions. Talk to one of our staff to help determine the best configuration to suit your needs!